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The Canadian Independent Medical Clinics Association (CIMCA) represents independent health care providers and their supporters to promote improved access to high quality and timely health care for all Canadians.

2024 and the Bright Future for the CIMCA

Although the CIMCA has been relatively dormant for several years. The time has come to revive this organization.

In November of 2005, CIMCA organized a conference that was referred to in the media as a “Pivotal Moment in Canadian history”. This conference was intended to stimulate necessary reforms in the Canadian health system. We believe that change is now inevitable, and a revitalized CIMCA can help governments in structuring these reforms for the benefit of all Canadians.

CIMCA’s role will include educating governments and the public on the value of an increased role for the independent sector in health care. CIMCA will publicize the advantages that increased private sector investment will bring in terms of job creation and increased economic activity. CIMCA will support and help revitalize Medicare in Canada. Its goals will include expansion of the spectrum of services available to all Canadians. It will achieve this through increased private investment, and improved efficiencies in the public health system.

CIMCA will also be a resource in addressing issues that have arisen with respect to accreditation and governance of all non-government health facilities. The emphasis will be on promoting quality and patient focused care. Self-governance is, in our opinion, a preferred route to achieving that goal. CIMCA will, as a priority, aim to negotiate this change with government.

With a view to renewal of CIMCA as an operating and functional representative body, that will advocate for patient care, we ask that you consider participating in these initiatives. This will require your financial support. Please join and help support our efforts.

Our Objectives: